How does our S-Trader  Platform stand out?

The words that best describe the S-Trader are Versatility and Simplicity. We have designed our trading platform with the perspective of the front-line professional trader and asset manager – so you are likely to find lots of useful analytical tools inside. But where we really stand out is the Quant Script programming language which allows you to build any custom indicator, any trade supporting element or any trading system or algorithm with unparalleled simplicity.

Advanced Charting


The S-Trader charting engine releases the full potential in the proverbial “picture worth 1000 words”. Our platform’s powerful charting engine allows you to plot tens of annotations – including Elliott Wave labels – any built-in technical study, any custom-built study, any expert adviser and any trading system step on any single or composite instrument. It also allows you to trade from charts and manipulate orders. For convenience you can customize chart templates and save any work for future (re)use.

Scripting Language


Quant ScriptTM is the engine that drives the scripting language in your S-Trader trading software. It is a non-procedural scientific vector programming language that was designed specifically for developing trading systems.

A script is simply a set of instructions that tell the Quant ScriptTM engine to do something you deem useful, such as provide an alert when the price of one stock reaches a new high, crosses over a moving average, or drops by a certain percentage. There are many uses.


Quant ScriptTM is a powerful programming language for traders. The language provides the framework required to build sophisticated trading programs piece by piece without extensive training or programming experience. Not only can the Quant ScriptTM syntax be mastered with almost no learning curve, the S-Trader application also allows you to create scripts using a versatile Quant ScriptTM Wizard.

Order Routing


The S-Trader also has a built-in Advanced Order Management System with all popular order types and flags.  For the Editions with multiple feeds and OMS configurations, the cross-feed order routing feature balances algo computation and trade execution times.

Relative Strength


The S-Trader scores very high on the ability to conduct extremely powerful relative strength analysis. You can assess relative strength patterns based on any property, formula, criteria or algorithm. You can determine cumulative relative strength curves within any given investment universe and you can create objective inclusion / exclusion criteria for portfolio constituents based on statistical analysis of individual relative strength numbers.


Additionally you can assess relative strength patterns within any portfolio relative to any benchmark using Relative Rotation Graphs (RRGs). You get the full relative strength picture based on current as well as previous relative performance trends.

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