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Why Join the S-Trader Community ?

The road to becoming a consistently successful trader is a long and in most cases a very bumpy one. Success is rooted in several places: you need a method to forecast markets and identify potentially profitable opportunities; you need the ability to build a trading plan; you need discipline; and last but not least you need lots of experience.

Joining the S-Trader community will give you access to the tools you need to develop and improve on your trading method, trading plan and trading discipline. It will also give you access to genuine – rather than self-proclaimed – industry experts with a proven track record of experience and success. In the end all we do is EMPOWER YOU TO BETTER YOUR TRADING “GAME”.

The Best Resources and an Awesome Trading Platform

Forums, educational resources, webinars, public and private groups are all available.  Plus the awesome S-Trader Desktop Trading Platform !

Meet New S-Traders all over the World

Independent thinking is a must if you want to have trading success – you can simply not follow other people and expect to make it; you must be able to make your own decisions. But you will find that being in a community who shares resources and genuinely thought-through ideas based on concepts that work is a very valuable asset to have.

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Join an existing group or start your own one based on shared interests and common trading styles.


Trader Experiences

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Mathilda Brinker

Amazing Community

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Mathilda Brinker
Los Angeles, CA
Mark Valentine

This is the Best Social Network ever!

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Mark Valentine
Long Island, NY
Nicholas Grissom

Incredible Design!

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Nicholas Grissom
San Francisco, CA

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